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Some of KernowPhoto's images that have featured on the covers of various magazines can be seen in the SLIDESHOW here.

Stellar Exposure - Spring - Brooke
Bold and Beautiful - Sophia
Greatest of All Time - Megan
Enchanted Magazine - Hayley
Greatest of All time - Zoe
Greatest of All Time - Aiasia
Worldwide Models - Ramona
Stellar Exposure - Shyy
Prestige Models - Tyreece
WorldWideModels - Megan
Photography and More - Kirsty
Worldwide Models - Charlotte
WorldWide Modela - Megan
Vanquish Magazine - Cyan
Social Shuterfli - Megan
Rose and Thorn - Ramona
Prestige Models - Emilia
Model Throwdown -  Cyan
Model Throwdown  - Cyan
Memorable Moments -  Ramona
Memorable Moments - Ramona
Memorable Moments  - Shannon - Winter
Legendary Models - Tyreece
Legendary True - Tara
Greatest of All Time -Rebecca
Greatest of All Time - Megan_
Greatest of All Time - Megan
Greatest of All Time - Sky
Dreamy - Tyreece
Greatest of All Time - Megan
Greatest of All Time - Emilia
Greatest of All Time - Dan and Ramona
Greatest of All Time - Demi
Greatest of  All Time - Megan
Greatest of All Time  - Ramona
Art of Ink - Cyan
Glamoria - Megan-2
Glamoria - Demi
Glamoria - Megan
Enchanted Magazine - Hayley
Enchanted Angel - Cyan
DreamChazer - Ramona
Dragonfly Magazine - Ramona
Bold Magazine - Cyan
Desire - Demi
Bold & Beautiful - Tyreece

Portrait and Lifestyle Photography

I am a  qualified photographer with more than 30 years worth of experience including a number of years as a professional wedding and portrait photographer. KernowPhoto is now run as a non-commercial venture allowing me to devote his time and expertise to the subjects that give me most pleasure and to give something back to the art I love. 


While KernowPhoto is not commercial business I aim to maintain the high standards and provide the quality of service that one would expect of a qualified and experienced professional but without the fees. 

With that in mind, I do not charge models any fees for non-commercial photoshoots, portfolio building and similar work.  Neither do I pay models for non-commercial photoshoots.

The vast majority of my work is TFP, meaning that both model and photographer work for free. Models are provided with digital copies of edited images which they are free to use in their portfolio, on social media and in any non-commercial setting.

So whether you're looking to build a modelling portfolio, looking to gain experience as a model or if you just want to try modelling for fun or to boost your confidence, this is a great way to do it spending a fortune.


I am a preferred photographer for the 'Live your Dream' stable of magazines and also a contributing photographer for many more magazines published worldwide in both digital and printed formats. While I cannot guarantee that images from a shoot will be published, I have a great track record in having work accepted for publication. Magazines are edited and carefully curated, they don’t accept just anyone and anything, indeed most work sent to magazines is rejected. Having your images accepted for publication is a real accomplishment.

Publication can also boost your social media reach as you’ll be tagged and mentioned in on-line so helping to get your name out there and raises your own social media profile. Unfortunately, most magazines don’t pay for publication, but most will provide free tear sheets which you are free to use.

Models under 18 must be accompained on all shoots. Models over 18 years may bring a chaperone to shoots if they wish. A model release form is required in all cases. I’m happy to work at all levels with which the model is comfortable. In the case of under18s of course shoots will be restricted to age appropriate fashion.

Please follow KernowPhoto on Facebook and Instagram to see my latest work or to get in touch if you have any questions or want to chat about arranging a photoshoot. The links for social media can be found at the bottom of the page.


Get in Touch

TFP* photoshoots are available.
Please get in touch via the KernowPhoto facebook page or by Email if you want to colaberate as a model, MUA or Stylist.

TFP* Time for Portfolio. No money changes hands. All involved in the photoshoot donate their time without charge, any expenses will be mutually agreed beforehand. Copyright of the images and all image rights remains with the photographer However the photographer will provide the model/MUA/Stylist with a selection of digital images which they are permitted to use for their portfolio, for non-commercial purposes, and for use on social media. A signed model release is required. Where the model is under 18, a model release must also be signed by the parent/guardian and an 'appropriate adult' MUST be present throughout the photoshoot. Models aged over 18 may bring a chaperone to the photoshoot if they wish. Models under 18 are restricted to age approprate fashion shoots. Levels for models over 18 will be agreed beforehand.